“shouldn’t cost you money” by Julia on the 2

Tuesday October 11, 2016
5 minutes
from a Tangerine ad

I am writing this outside your window
You are sleeping
It is dark
You left the light on
I keep thinking you will look out
And find me here
I don’t know why but that would break my heart
Maybe slightly more than you thinking I was still gone
I have been gone for longer than I realize
When people ask me how much time has passed since then and now
I surprise myself with the forgetting
That it is no longer yesterday and nothing is new anymore
I wonder if you’re dreaming of something you’ll remember when you wake up
I wonder if you’ll use the notebook beside your bed to reincarnate one of the scenes you built when your eyes were closed
I wonder if you’ve ever thought to read one of my journals marked Nightmares
I wonder if you’ve ever thought to open up the medicine cabinet and
Remove the post-it telling you that I love you

“shouldn’t cost you money” by Sasha at her desk

Tuesday October 11, 2016
5 minutes
From a Tangerine ad

No one tells you that you become invisible. Your nose gets bigger, you sprout hair out of your ears, you lose all your pubes, and you become invisible. That’s the truth. I want you to know it because I wish I had. I would’ve given a heck of a lot less attention to how I looked when I actually looked like a Goddamn goddess. I’m not exactly sure when the invisibility cloak was placed over my shoulders… Fifty five? Sixty? I even tried dressing extra sassy, then extra sophisticated, then radical… Didn’t real change a thing. It really showed me what we were fighting for in the Women’s Lib Movement… If you aren’t deemed valuable, viable (ie. child bearing) to MEN, then suddenly society doesn’t value you. You are no longer sexual currency. Might as well be in the bargain bin.