“If you see something suspicious or unusual” by Julia at Anna’s in Seattle

Saturday October 8, 2016
5 minutes
from the Amtrak safety booklet

Nobody here wants to tap my prepaid VISA card that says USD all over it. Like a glowing sign that No, I am not from here. They take my card away, they take it to the back, they swipe it, and they make me sign the slip. I have to do basic math in my head and I have to worry about my burning need to steal the pen every single time. I know you’re not supposed to let them do that–take the card away and make the transaction when you’re not there to see that it’s legitimate. I know this and yet I don’t say anything. I don’t stand up for my rights. I could say, excuse me, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if you let me put in my PIN number?