“a seagull just horns his way in.” By Sasha at the Diamond Centre

Thursday October 6, 2016
5 minutes

A seagull
A seagull
horns his way in
to our conversation about
The impending flood
A seagull
Beady eyes
A name we recognize in our guts
but are wary of
A name
name calling
ceremony of his and hers
ceremony of eleven months left

“Includes taxes” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Wednesday October 5, 2016
5 minutes
from the Westjet website

The price includes taxes so I would say it’s pretty much a steal. You’re never gonna find this kind of quality for this cheap anywhere else. Any-where else. Really. You’re not. I mean, look at the open and close function? Look how smoothly that operation executes here. It’s an art. Really this is an art object. $89.99. You can’t beat it. You really can’t.

“Inexcusable.” By Sasha on her couch

Tuesday October 4, 2016
5 minutes
From the The Blue Jays game commentary

You ever heard that song that goes, “I try to say goodbye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble”? Ever heard that song? I love that song… Really says it all.

You ever tried Suicide Wings? I never thought I’d like ’em, because I don’t love spicy food and I find wings to be pretty aggravating to eat but like, wow. Suicide Wings. So good.

You ever walked on that trail on the peninsula? That one with the little bridge thing?

“You could smoke cigarettes in class” by Sasha at her desk

Monday October 3, 2016
5 minutes
Downtown Owl
Chuck Klosterman

When I got out I couldn’t get over the smell of the air. It smells different inside… Like burning, or choking, or stale breath, morning breath, you know? I went to the diner in town, where all the guys go when they are released. I was wearing my jacket from ’96. I can’t believe they keep all that stuff, whatever you’re wearing when they bring you in. It’s too big on me now.