“Includes taxes” by Julia at Our Town Cafe

Wednesday October 5, 2016 at Our Town
5 minutes
from the Westjet website

Enid dances around in her new bodysuit. It sparkles in the light, she notices, when she takes shape in the diagonal. She practices leaping out from the bedroom in front of the full length mirror…in a splits. She tries to keep her head facing forward while stealing a glance at herself at the same time. She kinks her neck. She tries twice more before the whiplash buzzes. Enid’s body suit is coloured unicorn and made out of suntan oil fabric that kisses and smears her skin into confident. She realizes she still has the tag hanging from the back. She is proud of her rare find. Only $5.99 from the second hand bin! $6.77 including tax and rounding up.

“Inexcusable.” by Julia on her couch

Tuesday October 4, 2016
5 minutes
From the The Blue Jays game commentary

There was a sharp pain
Smelled like summer
Felt like rain
The hardened ones were lost
And found some days later
The young and the lying were
Washed up onto the shores
Of themselves
Before they knew how many
Crimes they had committed
It stung deep in sinew
Elbow and knee erased
The thought of yesterday’s warm and wishful thinking and the
Catastrophe we built
Out of wanting