“the scales of justice” by Julia in her bed

Sunday October 2, 2016
5 minutes

He is laying on the change table
Thrashing his tiny legs around
Trying to scoop the shit in between his thighs
With his hands
After refusing to eat
After refusing to sleep
After running wild all day trying to yank his diaper off
After peeing on the couch
After throwing a block at my head
After pulling my shirt and stretching out the bottom
After spotting his water onto the floor
After laughing when he thought that was so funny
He is looking at me right in the eyes
As I wipe his dirty ass
After I finally get him still
he makes sure I don’t ever get too proud
Or too cocky
Keeps me humble
Tells me without flinching
I don’t like you
And I want to leave him there
I want to tell him to clean himself up
I say without meaning to
I don’t like you either