“You’re such a big mess” by Sasha at MELK Bar & Cafe

Tuesday September 27, 2016
5 minutes
Welcome To Your Life

“You’re a mess,” Jess said, opening her front door. She furrows her eyebrows, and looks me up and down. She isn’t lying.

“Give me a hand then,” I peel off my sweatshirt. It’s heavy from being so wet. She takes it, dripping all over the hall carpet.

“My Mom is gonna be pissed,” she says, under her breath.

“I didn’t know it was gonna rain! I would’ve brought my umbrella…” I take off my t-shirt and she runs up the stairs. I follow, kicking off my shoes.

“Can I borrow some stuff?” I ask.

She hands me a red plaid button up and smiles.

“You look like a wet rat…”

“It’s my haircut. It’s so so bad. What was I thinking… I just – … I can’t even talk about it without crying…”