“beautiful jewelry” by Julia on the reading chair

Sunday September 25, 2016
5 minutes
overheard on Av. de Monklandl

Monica was doing okay. She was attending class and started selling her jewelry at her Aunt Key’s diner while she worked the register. She wanted to reach a broader audience and selling them at the pizza counter was no longer smiled upon. Key didn’t care what Monica did as long as she didn’t sleep in past 8 on weekdays and showered at least twice a week. Monica had been staying with her since her father kicked her our for stealing and for murdering his goldfish, Papaya. Monica claims she did not murder him as much as she simply stopped prioritizing his feeding. She did however take his “prescription meds” and his Honda Civic. Aunt Key owned the diner and had Monica work there on top of her pizza gig so she could learn business, how to juggle her options, and to stop wasting her life. Monica was eager to share her unique designs with the eclectic customers who always commented on how interesting she looked.