“beautiful jewelry” by Julia on the reading chair

Sunday September 25, 2016
5 minutes
overheard on Av. de Monklandl

Monica was doing okay. She was attending class and started selling her jewelry at her Aunt Key’s diner while she worked the register. She wanted to reach a broader audience and selling them at the pizza counter was no longer smiled upon. Key didn’t care what Monica did as long as she didn’t sleep in past 8 on weekdays and showered at least twice a week. Monica had been staying with her since her father kicked her our for stealing and for murdering his goldfish, Papaya. Monica claims she did not murder him as much as she simply stopped prioritizing his feeding. She did however take his “prescription meds” and his Honda Civic. Aunt Key owned the diner and had Monica work there on top of her pizza gig so she could learn business, how to juggle her options, and to stop wasting her life. Monica was eager to share her unique designs with the eclectic customers who always commented on how interesting she looked.

“beautiful jewelry” by Sasha at MELK

Sunday September 25, 2016 at MELK Bar & Cafe
5 minutes
Overheard on Av de Monkland

I want to buy you beautiful things
he says
I want to give you pearls
he says
I want to give you diamonds and quartz and emeralds
and I want you to wear them so that everyone knows
you’re mine
he says
I want to choose your lipstick
he says
I want to pick your shoes
I want to take you out for dinner and order for you and too bad if
you don’t like it
he said
with a wink
with a wink
with a
he said
I want to buy you macarons
he said
I want to watch you drink champagne
He said
All the wants
All the want
All the
All the want

“Canada’s biggest ever insider” by Sasha at MELK

Saturday September 24, 2016 at MELK Bar & Cafe
5 minutes
Report on Business in the Globe and Mail

Canada’s hands are stained
yellow and red and purple and orange
We think blue
We think green
But those are little firefly lies
Wag wag wag
Those are big mountain lies
We think resource
Cougars and humpbacks
We think lakes and rivers
Pacific and Atlantic
We think
True North strong and free

“I’m in television right now” by Sasha in the apartment on Av. Monkland

Friday September 23, 2016
5 minutes
Overheard on the 99

Bernie has worked the night shift since before his hair went white. He doesn’t think in years, he thinks in ages. Muscles, wrinkles, armpit hair… That’s a better way to measure time, Bernie thinks. He sleeps until four or five and then goes for a run by the river. Rain or shine, you’ll find him there. No need for a cellphone, Bernie keeps a routine that everyone can follow. You’d know where to find him. Sometimes, when Vivian still lived in town, she’s come down to the Mill and tell him something because she’d be gone to set by the time he returned.

“I’ll do your reading and then email it to you” by Sasha in the NICU kitchen

Thursday September 22, 2016
5 minutes

I’m riding my bike quickly down the hill, the wind blowing a symphony of “yes” in my ears, hands firmly on the handlebars and


My front tire hits a bump, a piece of metal? A big nail? A shoe? I fly over my handlebars and in that moment


I see my life

my loves

my bathroom with the new coat of eggshell white paint

I wonder if it’s already happened

Am I dead?

Thank goodness it’s already turned cool and I’m wearing my denim jacket or my elbows and arms would be torn to shred

A car pulls over and a woman gets out

She looks like my Mom but with black black hair

She gives me her hand and helps me up

“Canada’s biggest ever insider” by Julia in her bed

Saturday September 24, 2016
5 minutes
Report on Business in the Globe and Mail

Some secrets about us are that we panic when our comfort has been shifted when one of us breaks the hold or one of us yanks a leg out of the entanglement peace is restored easily some other things we do when no one is looking is fall asleep in each other’s soft and build a home where dreams are framed and hung on the wall