“I’ll do your reading and then email it to you” By Julia on her couch

Thursday September 22, 2016
5 minutes

From here I can tell you what you are to me what I feel when I think of you and what I see when I call your face to my mind. I cannot tell you what you feel or what you’re going through. I cannot say for certain what to suggest that might help or what might happen to you or where you’ll go or who you’ll become. All I know is what I know about you from what you’ve let me see. The parts you’ve shown me in the dark when it felt safe and then stayed into the morning while we sat together and ate breakfast. You are going to be so good because you are now so good already so good that you will get better you will improve you will learn you will grow. And all I can say is you’ve always been this good. And if you’re going to be so good and that so good you will be is better than the good you are now then it is a saving grace in this world. Because you have never sacrificed that. Never once betrayed that. I can’t say who you’ll be in a year but what you are to me today is everything everything everything.