“it really is used” by Julia on the 99

Monday September 5, 2016
5 minutes
from a schedule

It is harder than it looks. To put on false eyelashes. I once bought three packs. Because it was Halloween and my birthday in the same weekend and life was good. I gave myself enough time for the fishnet face stenciling. I gave myself enough time for the spider tutorial. I gave myself enough time to eat and shit and then do some light stretching. I thought last minute I could pop on the lashes. I was very wrong. First of all one of the packs didn’t come with glue. I thought they came preglued. I could have stuck them to my lids like press on nails. I did not know they needed separate glue glued on to then be very delicately mushed onto the eye. I spent one half hour trying to attach a thing without any built in adhesive to my face. I thought I was just doing it the hard way. Turns out I was just doing it wrong.