“No one takes twenty-five year old women seriously.” By Sasha on her couch

Friday September 2, 2016
5 minutes
Opening Up
Lauren Dane

You said you needed space and that after I broke my jaw I kissed differently.
You said that you’d call sometime, at least on my birthday and Halloween, my favourite day of the year.
You said that when you dream, sometimes you still see me, but it’s like it was, not like it is, and that just makes you sad.
You said that you are going to become a vegan, only eating honey because who can give up honey in their right mind.
You said that when I get my period you can’t deal with me or my granny panties.
You said that you might move to Toronto and that Tinder’s a big thing there.
You said you might get a Tinder.
You said that the smell of burning means a ghost is passing through.