“No one takes twenty-five year old women seriously.” By Julia on her bed

Friday September 2, 2016
5 minutes
Opening Up
Lauren Dane

They all thought we looked younger. Good genes I told them. We had some luck in my family and not aging drastically was looked at as some of it. Some of the luck. My grandmother on my mom’s side was obsessed with looking young. She couldn’t take a compliment. She’d say, oh not me, I’m too old. Or oh, no, I can’t be anything I’m too old. It got tiring after a while. It made us want to stop telling her how beautiful she looked. And all she ever wanted was to be told she was beautiful. All the people in the town called us the Teenagers. We were never allowed to grow up. To be seen as women. I think they thought they were paying us a compliment. I think they believed we should be so lucky to have strangers call us young because to them it meant vitality and success and happiness. To us it felt like no one was willing to take us seriously.