“We like what you’ve got to say” by Julia on her couch 

Saturday, August 27, 2016
5 minutes
Penn’s Sunday School

They hired Keith for the job even though he thought they hated everything he said during his interview. It had nothing to do with content, Elise told him, it was all about personality. Keith did have a great personality. He was kind and light hearted and he never got obnoxious drunk, just flushed and a bit anxious. Keith had a hard time receiving compliments. He didn’t want anyone to be tricking him into acknowledging his strengths because acknowledging his strengths would be considered a weakness. Elise told him he deserved to be happy for once. He had been taking care of Carl since they were kids. Everyone knew Carl didn’t have a terribly bright prognosis but Keith was in denial. He missed him. Elise tried not to let him blame himself. You did everything you could. Some things are meant to be. Please enjoy this one life that you have, Carl would have wanted that. And do not throw a pity party and expect to have a good turnout.