“You close?” By Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday August 22, 2016
5 minutes
from a text

Lucas called when he was close, just like he knew Marjorie liked him to do. “I should be there in ten or so,” he said and Marjorie listened like a spy dog, trying to decipher if he was using his headphones or not.

“Are you still on the highway?” She asked.

“Just got off. I’ll see you shortly.” Lucas hasn’t seen Marj since the mastectomy and while he knew that they wouldn’t talk about it, he could hear something changed in his mother’s voice.

“We’re having lasagna!” She squeezed in, before he hung up.

Lucas wasn’t sure where it came from, but a sob emerged from his throat as though it had been sleeping there for quite some time. Perhaps seven weeks. Perhaps since the surgery.