“for a fun birthday” by Sasha on the ferry

Thursday August 25, 2016
5 minutes
from a TMZ video

For my funnest birthday party we went to Ikea! I got to eat all the meatballs I wanted! It was practically heaven on earth, I mean, those meatballs are what dreams are probably made of! My cousin, Gemma, she’s only six, she ate so much ice cream that she puked in the ball pit. My Mom said, “This is a disaster!” And so now Gemma always says, “This is a disaster!” In her little tiny baby voice, “This is a disaster!” They had to empty the ball pit and we didn’t get to help, we just had to watch. That was not the funnest. But then my Mom bought me this lizard type of plush toy and she said, “Sorry that Gemma had to go and ruin this…” And she looked sad but I said, “This is the funnest birthday party, so don’t even worry about it!”