“Take a day trip.” By Sasha in the Kiva

Monday August 9, 2016
5 minutes

Edmonton cries big tears like the tide coming in
She laughs through them because that’s what Barb did and
she wants to be just like Barb
“What’s wrong, Edmonton?” Barb asks
and she only just wishes she could kiss those tears
hydration of the finest seas
gulp GULP gulp
Reading pages from one another’s diaries
they don’t call them that they call them something
more grown up more known more dream-like
Reading pages trading books they pass back and forth
sharing sharing sharing but is it
is it
Edmonton forgets to stop reading on page
twenty as instructed
and sees how Barb feels right there in
purple ink
She drops the book the truth grabbing her throat
the truth hot like August
like Nevada
“Page 20.”
“You’re in love?”
“I have to go.”
“Stay, please.”
“I have to go right now.”
Edmonton rides her bike the thirty seven blocks
back to her Dad’s place and he’s eating curry with Lena
so she has a few bites before going up to bed.