“Yeah that’s correct” by Julia at Platform 7

Friday, July 15, 2016 at Platform 7
5 minutes
overheard at Platform 7

I am alone in my room and I am putting up pictures of you on the walls and in frames because I might be insane since you broke up with me yesterday and I’m doing this today. I have my reasons for doing this. I know about heartache because I’ve felt it before and it’s about to sink in. So I think, what I’m doing is keeping you close so I don’t feel like you’re gone. So I don’t have any spaces that feel like they’d be better with you in them because you are everywhere now and I control the positions. You don’t look good in all these photos because I am trying to be honest. I am trying to teach myself that you were wrong sometimes and you were ugly some days and the sun did not shine out of your ass. I miss you because I know I can’t have you but I’m here hoping to change how my brain processes the newness of not getting to touch you. I don’t know if it’ll work. I am pretty sure there are some people out there who have done worse things to get over someone.