“okay okay okay” by Sasha on the couch

Sunday, July 10, 2016
5 minutes
Overheard on the street

Okay okay okay, I hear you, like, I hear what you’re saying but I think you’re really missing the point, like, you’re missing my point. What I’m saying is that I’ll take the car, but I need you to get it cleaned, like, it’s fucking disgusting in there and no one in their right mind would spend two thousand dollars on a vehicle that looks like that, you’d have to be completely loonie toonie, a complete nut job, like a psychopath – … You get it, I see that you get it. Have you had many other people out to see it? I mean, have you been getting other feedback? Right. Right… No one. I can see it, in your eyes, I’m the first guy whose come out to look at it and, I mean, no offence, no offence at all, I’m not, like, judging you as a person. I don’t think you’re some kind of pig.