“How did you recognize him?” by Sasha in the basement at Bowmore

Thursday April 21, 2016
5 minutes
overheard in the car

He just kind of stopped caring… I mean, he wouldn’t put it like that, but I would. He was threatened by the fact that I made more money, that I pushed out the baby, that I, I… I don’t know. He started going out for dinner by himself. I would say, “What should we make?” and he would be on his way out, to the pub or something. He doesn’t drink, so it wasn’t for that. It’s not like he was playing video games or something. He was just… empty. I would try to talk to him about it and he would glaze over. He started looking like his father, truly, in and around his eyes. He’s not even his biological son, you know. But that spaced out look? Yeah.