“In an attempt to get around this problem” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Saturday March 12, 2016
5 minutes
Epigenetics Revolution
Nessa Carey

“So Jean,” he says, peering over his bifocals, “tell me a bit about something you feel particular passion for…”

The way he says “passion” turns my guts. Or maybe it’s the nachos I had last night… Nope. Definitely how he just –



“Tell me a bit about something you feel particular – ”

“A well shaved leg.”


“Weren’t expecting that now, were you?”

He shuffles my resume with a few others. Must be an intimidation tactic. He must not have loved my answer. Whatever.

“Have you ever worked in the not for profit sector, Jean?”

“Why as a matter of fact, I have. You just slid my resume cozily between a few others there, but if you refer to it once more you’ll see that I’ve worked in the – ”

“You’re funny Jean. I like that. You need a good sense of humour to survive in this business. It’s the Wild West.”

“Mmm?” I take a swig from my water bottle. He watches me.