“who are doing anything but the typical” by Sasha in the bath

Saturday March 5, 2016
5 minutes

It is Thanksgiving weekend and I am in the country with my family in a small wood house with old carpets and water that smells like copper. My phone rings at 10:53pm. I don’t answer but then sneak outside to check my voicemail. “Hi”, Ben says. “I got fired today. Call me back?” I decide to call him back in the morning but he calls ten minutes later and I take it, outside, in my slippers, the clear star sky winking down at me, laughing at my young heart.
He tells me about losing his job. He missed too many shifts. He showed up to work stoned. I tell him about walking my parents’ dog along the beach. He tells me he’s tipsy. I hear myself coo words of kindness and reassurance like no time has passed.