“to be euthanized” by Sasha at Culprit Coffee

Friday February 19, 2016 at Culprit Coffee
5 minutes
Vancouver Metro
Thursday February 18, 2016

the politics are closing in
closing up closing down
shut in shut up shut
the voices are loud again
trumpet blares and speaker flares
bass line like boot stomp
bass line like poison

the aftertaste of something you
didn’t mean
said too loud
too sweet
the stink of a lie
heavy on handmade lips
heavy on furrowed brow
laughlines like fingerprints
smudged in ink
in soot
here’s my identity baby

your thoughts
curling smoke around the hope
for something more
you are deserving of all
that goodness
you are
your mother
holding your hair back
holding her hair back
squatted over the porcelain tea cup
shut up shut down
bass line like boot stomp