“stop making assumptions” by Sasha on the couch at Bowmore

Sunday, December 27, 2015
5 minutes
The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz

Gemma vows to stop making assumptions. She vows in bed in the morning before she puts on her slippers and pads down the hall to pee. She vows while rubbing on face cream and again while pouring soy creamer into her coffee. Judy, the therapist at the community centre that Gemma’s been going to see every second Tuesday, told her to practise her special mantra when she walks Harold, Mrs. Grange’s schnoodle. Judy wrote it on a recipe card that happened to have someone else’s name written on the back.

“I approach life with curious wonder.”

Judy has grey hair that she wears in a braid that falls over her right shoulder and sometimes gets trapped in her armpit. She doesn’t wear make-up, except for mauve lipstick, which she clearly reapplies between sessions. She says, “Hi Gemma. So good to see you,” every single time Gemma arrives in her office. It’s near the pool, and Judy tries to mask the smell of chlorine with an essential oil diffuser. Once, when Gemma sneezed, Judy said, “Does Ylang Ylang irritate you, Gemma?”