“She said she was an actress” by Sasha on the 16 bus going downtown

Friday, July 3, 2015
5 minutes
Said by a Valens customer

Ya ever hearda Parker Posey? She’s my favourite actress. Met her one time, even. Yup. Met her down at the tennis courts. I was doin’ my thing, selling popsicles, right and I look up and, like, I almost die cuz it’s her. Parker Posey.

“May I please have a rocket?” She says. UMMMM? Yes, yes you most certainly can have a rocket – yes you can! So I reach in and I’m freakin’ out, because should I tell her that she’s my favourite? Should I play it cool? Nothing like this’ ever happened to me before so I really don’ know what the heck to even do!

“How much?” She asks, after I hand her the rocket.

“Ah…” I stumble. “On the house!” I say.
“Aw, thanks,” she smiles, “that’s so sweet of you!”
“Oh it’s sweet a YOU to come and get a rocket from me, from lil’ ol’ me an’ I wish I wore a cleaner T-shirt!”

“Have a great day!”

And then she’s gone. Parker Posey.