“Those were the worst nights” by Sasha in her kitchen

Tuesday June 2, 2015
5 minutes
overheard at Higher Grounds

“Those were the worst nights,” he says, “when she couldn’t sleep, when she’d sweat like an athlete, you know, that stinky sweat, like there’s toxins coming out?” I didn’t want to hear about her again but I swallowed it and looked at him like, “Nothing you say will phase me.” “I didn’t know what to do, I felt so helpless… It totally triggered my trauma around women being dependant on me, you know, like, my stuff with my mom…” I pulled the covers right up to my chin and thought about if there were chips in his cupboard, and then if Heather ever ate chips when she was sad. “What’s she up to now?” His eyes narrowed and he scratched somewhere under the covers.