“Ungouge yourself” by Sasha at Benny’s

Friday, April 16, 2015 at Benny’s Cafe
5 minutes
A yak.ca bus ad

Climbing into the oldest pair of pants I own, khakis that I got at a flea market when I was fifteen, I consider leaving this place. I won’t, of course, because Pete’s here and he needs me, but I have to give myself the gift of consideration. So, I’m painting the first floor. The furniture is moved away from the walls, draped in old sheets. The rollers are in from the garage, and I got discount paint at that place on Adelaide. It’s hot. Summer is full-bodied here, all sticky sleeps and popsicle drips. I might leave. Pete is getting worse. No one wants to say it, but it’s true. When he goes, I’ll leave. No one will need me anymore. That sounds sad, but I don’t mean it in that way. I’ll be free. Pete texts. “Can you bring orange juice?” He’s never liked orange juice, but chemo has left him wanting strange things, things he never had a taste for, like pulled pork and Oreo cookies.

“always more for less!” By Sasha on her couch

Thursday, April 15, 2015
5 minutes
A Food Basics store sign

tug of war over the land again
birch bark and salmon skin ripped from
their bodies
their roots
my feet in rainboots
cracks in the plastic
the water always finds a way in
how can we make peace with injustice?
should we?
can i?
pinecones marking the sacrificial trail
a tuft of rabbit fur
a shark’s tooth

“getting rid of these assholes” by Sasha on the Sea Wall

Wednesday, April 14, 2015
5 minutes
Julia’s notebook

Ya know Nancy, everyone thinks a me as the lady with all the plants! I hearda kid say I was a witch! I was out watering the spiders and this lil’ guy ridin’ his trike with his Pops… He said, “That’s the crazy witch!” An’ I had this epiphany in that minute, like, what am I even doin’ here? So! I’m gettin’ rid of these assholes. Every single one a ’em. I’m bringin’ them to the curb and I’m puttin’ out a jar. If someone wants a plant they can just go on an’ take it. If they wanna leave me somethin’ that’s okay, too. Never hurts to turn a lil’ profit, right?