“A lot of new clients” by Julia at Casa Gandolfi

Thursday October 9, 2014
5 minutes
from Million Dollar Critic premiere episode

Ester was dreaming of the day she could open up her own business. She was told all her life how great she’d be at “hotel services” or “hospitality”. She knew her life’s passion was in hosting people and making them feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. So Ester planned to start a B&B and call it “Heart and Home” (a play on the saying “Home is where the heart is”). Her days began to fill up with colour swatches, linen options, soundproofing materials (for the honeymoon suite, of course) and what light and subtle jazz would be playing upon first entry. It was all very important to figure out, but Ester couldn’t afford to do it. She was too proud to ask for help from her widowed mother who had no reason to say no, and she was too embarrassed to tell any of her current co-workers that she planned to one day leave the Tim Hortons and become the talk of the town.