“Below the church is the crypt” by Julia in her hostel in Firenze

Wednesday September 24, 2014
5 minutes
Lonely Planet-Italy

Marjorie invites Bradley over for a swim. She notices every time she sees him that he breathes with his mouth open and wonders if it’s dry in there. Bradley shows up wearing a rubber yellow poncho and calls it his cape. He doesn’t bring a bathing suit because his parents are progressive and don’t believe in societal pressures on the youth these days. Marjorie brings out a bowl of sunflower seeds and places them in front of Bradley, his yellow poncho, and his mouth breathing. Bradley asks Marjorie if they are pizza flavored and Marjorie says that no, they’re sunflower seed flavored and then Bradley says that it’s not a joke and that pizza flavour exists and can next time she bring those ones out instead of these.

“Let’s be honest.” by Julia in her hostel in Firenze

Tuesday September 23, 2014
5 minutes
Adria Vasil

Let’s be honest? Yeah, let’s be honest. I’ve been hallucinating you, babe, on the backs of other women. Wanna get real honest? I STOLE THAT LINE FROM A REGINA SPEKTOR SONG BUT IT’S POIGNANT AND I LOVE IT. A little more honest. Yeah? More honesty. Yeah. YEAH. I haven’t been able to help myself when it comes to finishing full packs of sour gummy worms at least once a day. I haven’t been able to sleep because I miss feeling your skin. It makes me cry. I cry instead of sleep. I’m crying now. How honest do you want me? I’m thinking about sending you letters but it costs too much. I’m thinking about writing a novel based on the smell of your mouth. I don’t know why but it drags me to a place where I can only breathe in blues and browns.

“All of you come here” by Sasha on her futon (on the floor)

Sunday September 21, 2014
5 minutes
Overheard at the beach in Levanto


I’m writing because Skype is bullshit. When your face freezes I feel like I’m losing something I never truly had and I can’t bear it. So, what I was saying when we got cut off is… I’m glad that you’re taking care of yourself but I worry about Bubble Syndrome. You know, that thing that happens and is awkward to talk about when you forget to call your father and you forget to text me and you end up in the bubble of your own head, of your own Halifax and it’s… painful. It’s painful the most, it’s the most painful for you, I think. You have this notion that you’re taking care of yourself, that you’re holing up with your work in a good way, but, be careful. Sometimes it’s not good. Sometimes it’s nasty and you smell like a hedgehog. Eat spinach and stuff, okay? If you only eat beef jerky and barbecue chips you will get scurvy. That’s not even a maybe. That’s a for sure.

“UNION” by Sasha on the bed in Whistler

Saturday September 20, 2014
5 minutes
from a flyer for a yoga studio

It’s that time of year again. When she gets restless. When she starts picking at her scabs and calling out the reindeer names in her sleep. It’s that time of year again. When she starts winning. When she walks down the street singing Born To Run like she is Springsteen. It’s that time of year again. When she forgets how much she likes ice cream. When she makes promises to the leaves that like them, she’ll change colour.

“The flavours are so simple but they’re so good” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Friday September 19, 2014
5 minutes
from Jess’ phone conversation

Nice spaghetti, sweetheart, you’re really nailing the sauce. When he looks at me like that, Liza, I wanna punch him right in the nose. Imagine what he’d do if he got blood all down the front of his shirt. Phew… And he’s going and telling Henry that he was the one to come up with “Joe Schmo”… I mean, come on! I was the one who introduced that! That’s mine! I don’t wanna be petty, you know that, Liza, but I feel like I need to fight for what is mine and “Joe Schmo”? That’s mine. Man, honey, the flavours are so simple here, but they’re so so good. You really are a catch, Liza. Enough about Henry, he can keep lying to the whole lot of them. He doesn’t have you making him dinner and that’s what really matters. But, damn it, the guy drives me crazy.