“A crowd pleaser” by Julia on the greyhound going to Toronto

Monday August 25, 2014
5 minutes
WE Vancouver

Mark told me today he wanted to plan a BBQ for me and I was impressed because BBQs are the best thing to have when you want to gather a crowd and tell people in a drunken stupor that you’re going to miss them. Sometimes you forget that you make an impression on people and you affect them just by being alive. We worry ourselves with ideas of how to be remembered and what actions create better memories. People are not stupid so they actually look at you and see you and feel you and know you. No gimmicks are needed no silly dramatics. Just some honesty and some ease. That’s all it takes. I wish I east surprised my human kindness. I wish I expected it more than I do.
So when Mark told me he was going to gather the masses for me, I cried a little and he said, no sweat, because it was his pleasure.