“Sarah is currently working” by Sasha on her couch

Thursday March 13, 2014
5 minutes
the Wikipedia page for Sarah Hudson

Sarah pauses before she steps. She carefully avoids the cracks. She keeps her eyes down and sometimes bumps in to people. “Sorry,” she whispers. It’s her favourite word. “Sorry.” Excuses bed corners and bad manners, a missed crumb and a missed meet-up with her mother at Starbucks. “Nice hat, Sarah,” says Mr. Chan, who owns the green grocer and once gave Sarah a free bunch of basil because she didn’t have enough cash. “On the house,” he said. “Oh,” she touched the baseball hat that she had borrowed from her father before he left for Yellowknife. “I like it too.” “Canucks a good team. A very good team.” “Yeah, I guess…” Sarah says. Truth is, she doesn’t know if it’s hockey or football or what. “Where’s the cauliflower, Mr. Chan?” She asks, sniffing a naval orange.