“while the real work is done outside” by Sasha on the Queen car going East

Monday February 3, 2014
5 minutes
The Essential Rumi
Rumi tr. Coleman Barks

Oh the nuances of what might happen in an alternate universe
Of what would happen if we spoke and broke and shook and took
This snow-globe keeps spinning and we’re disoriented but happy
He’s been strumming his guitar in memory of Pete Seeger
Even though he’s terrible
Even though he doesn’t know A from C from G
I’ll croon a lullaby so loud that no one sleeps
But the chords he’s trying are drowned out
The real work is done outside
In the drifts
In the squalls
In the acceleration of the afternoon
Sun high
Frost biting like a puppy
Birds feeding at the side of the house on seeds and jokes