“MOD, MINI, METALLIC” by Sasha in The Kiva

Friday January 3, 2014
5 minutes
vintage shop on College

You think you’re so special in your minidress with the sparkly collar and the ruffled sleeves. It’s yellow. That colour hasn’t been in since the Jays won the World Series. I’m rewarding my outfit choice of smart, black, high-waisted pants and a teal turtleneck with chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. But that’s for later. Now, I shoot you smileglares with my eyes and smilesmiles with my lips. “So…” I say, breathing in your smell, “if the boys are at the hockey game, what does that mean we should get up to?” I immediately regret it. All of it. You have that sparkle in your eye that you used to get when we were kids. “I think we should go out on the town. I think we should go dancing!” You think dancing means smoking. I know you do. “I quit.” I say. “You quit dancing?” You sip your scotch. “No…” I laugh, because you got pizza sauce on your dress and you’ll most certainly have to change.