“A knock on the door” by Julia on her couch

Sunday November 24, 2013
5 minutes
At The End
Mark Gore

I felt a slight breeze on the back of my neck. It was cool, and quick, and made me want to die.
I wasn’t about to turn around to inspect it. I didn’t believe in ghosts, or the supernatural. It must have been a draft, I convinced myself. I was alone in my house. I would have heard the door open, someone stepping up onto the porch, the shoes getting kicked aside because there are always pairs left right in front it…
But I heard none of that, yet still felt the chilling breeze.
I wasn’t about to turn around.
Just ignore it, I said. The thing will vanish from your mind like a pooped bubble, a passing cloud. I was employing all the strength of mind I had to conquer it, to remain unchanged and better than it, whatever it was.
I was trying to stay calm, when suddenly, a knock on the door.
Not a ‘someone let me in’ knock…
A single, solitary one, with the hollowness of a deep grave, preparing to take its corpse for the very first time.
I turned around.