“Like sands in my feet” by Julia on her couch

Monday, August 5, 2013
5 minutes
In My Shoe
Tee’k Aminu

That’s the memory of you, right there. See it? It’s on my mantle kind of and it needs to be dusted. I saw it needed a cleaning last winter but I was like, whatever about you, and at the time I didn’t care. Now I’m like, oh shit, there’s a butt ton of cobwebs and like, false details on it. So I’ve decided to clean it, I just don’t know when cause I’m so busy and annoyed by the stupid and intrusive memory of you. It’s not in a frame, you can remove frames. It’s not in a box so it’s hidden. It’s just where my mind put you. And it’s also why I can’t go to the beach without crying. You would be alright with me putting other memories around it, right? Wrong. You’re very possessive with my brain space and that’s so typical of you I can’t even stand it. So like, whatever about you still, and don’t forget that I’m great at lying and I will just pretend like you’re not there. OITMOFY…Operation Ignore The Memory of You commences now.