“2009” by Julia on her couch

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
5 minutes
From a stamp in the sidewalk cement

This was the year things changed. Dad was recovering from his minor surgeries because of his minor heart attacks, Alessia became a vegan, and mom decided to take up smoking marijuana in the garage every night after everyone went to sleep. Alessia’s best friend’s brother passed away so we all considered ourselves very lucky that we were all recovering. And I…I stopped wearing makeup and thinking about mirrors as if they’d be able to save me. Mom didn’t want me to go back to school, even though I was pretty sure I had wasted grandma’s tuition money the first time around because I was “too eager to learn”. I studied philosophy for a year, then transferred to theatre studies, and then finally finished in children’s lit. My mom said that was enough learning. I had to get out of the house more than I thought possible. Everyone was eating dinners with some fake alternative salt product, and not really enjoying steaks any more because they were practically banned.