“Loading zone” by Julia at her desk

Friday, June 28, 2013
5 minutes
From a street sign

There’s a place, I guess you should know it, it’s on the way to your worst fear and on the way back from your worst nightmare. You let the devil in for one second and he’s already made a home inside your safe space and mucked up all the white tiles. He’s put his grubby hands on all of your favourite paintings and rummaged through your fridge to see what you loved so he could just dump it on the ground and let the fruit flies at it. I don’t know if you had a sign on your door, something saying you didn’t mind about intruders or that you welcomed them even. Some mats have that little saying that means something different than what it says and you could have just picked the wrong one. I know for me, when I let the devil in, I didn’t have any locks on my doors so it was sort of like inviting him in or giving him free reign over all of my belongings. I was sorry about not investing in locks earlier. I didn’t know that there would ever be a time when someone just failed to knock first. I’m hoping you learn from my mistakes and keep your nightmares closer to yourself. The first wrong step is telling someone about them…