“We take care of you” by Julia at Nicole’s house

Tuesday June 11,2013
5 minutes
The blackboard in front of The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar

Betty wanted folks to feel welcome in her home so she made sure there were always matches in the loo, and a racy magazine in the guests’ bedroom. She was laid back like that; down to earth. She didn’t judge anyone’s hard earned crazy. She embraced it the way she assumed people embraced hers. Betty grew up with an emotionally abusive father, and a mother who killed herself by sitting in and turning the car on in the closed garage. She never got a chance to ask anyone why she did it. Her father barely looked at her, let alone explained things. Now Betty’s home is for the staying. People come to visit and they bring her flowers and potted plants as a thank you. The more things she has from everyone, the more welcoming Betty gets. She likes the idea of a shared property, a shared house, a shared home. “What’s mine is yours” I’d hear her say. She had to put up with a lot of crazy, what with her parents and all, and also with whatever was happening in her old head. She didn’t want anyone feeling like they had to be ashamed for something, or blamed either. She told people they could come and go as they pleased.