“NO ADVERTISING NECESSARY” by Julia on the 506 going east

Thursday May 8, 2013 at The Common
5 minutes
The front page of Report on Business
The Globe and Mail
Thursday, May 8, 2013

-When did Ellis get here?
-Hmm. Yeah. Sunday? Early.
-Were you…ever going to tell me?
-Umm, yeah. I was just waiting I guess.
-For? A written invitation, or?
-Yeah. Something like that. I was just seeing if it was a thing and it wasn’t so I was going to tell you sooner but you already saw him.
-But you knew he was coming. You knew and you still didn’t say anything to me. I’m finding it difficult to stay calm right now, Max.
-What’s the big deal? He’s sleeping on the couch anyway.
-No it’s not fine, just fine that..ugh whatever. You don’t get it.
-Yeah. I don’t. Sorry.
-It’s fine.
-See? See how people are confused by you?
-When is he leaving?
-Oh my sweet Jesus. Ellis. Who else could I possibly be talking about?
-Nobody knows.
-How can’t..what?
-Well he’s not talking.
-Oh. Again? I didn’t know that.
-Yeah, nobody did.