“What do we want?” By Sasha at Cafe Pamenar

Monday May 6, 2013 at Cafe Pamenar
5 minutes
A sign on the blackboard

At the Supermarket Nathan fills his cart with six bags of chicken thighs. They’re on sale. He’s stoked about that. He gets some frozen corn, some peas, some iceberg lettuce. He just likes the name, really. He buys a couple of litre jugs of Cola. He’s ready for the earthquake. His aunt Leona is a psychic and she predicted it. She’s been right before. He didn’t want to take any chances. His main hope is that his neighbour down the hall, in apartment 504, his beautiful neighbour with red hair and a round bum, won’t have prepared. She won’t have prepared for the earthquake and she’ll come to him, in his bachelor, the only bachelor on the floor and he’ll have everything they need – chicken, corn and Cola. They’ll feast by candlelight. They’ll feast and they’ll laugh and he’ll be funny for once, making her choke on a kernel of corn, and then he’ll do the heimlich maneuver and all will be well. She’ll know, that red haired, round bummed beauty, that he’s the one for her. So strong. So resourceful.