“All natural” by Julia on her couch

Saturday April 6, 2013
5 minutes
Cameron’s beer coaster

Okie dokie! She said. She always said weird shit like that.
I met her when I was 9 and she annoyed me even then, but I also liked her. I didn’t have many friends. Felt like I was a friend failure since the only one I picked to hang out with was right nuts and needed to be put in restraints if she ate too many Gummie chews. I liked her because she was very sweet to the elderly, always drawing little pictures and writing poems for them. Old people are my soft spot. I really do love them. But it was her idea to go to the nursing home to perform the dance we made up to Madonna’s entire True Blue album.
That was nice. She had a good heart, but those phrases. Man those phrases. It was as if she wanted to convince me to use them too but it never worked. That’s something that will never rub off on me. Dumb catch phrases. And punny jokes.