“adapted for use” by Julia on the 29 going North

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
5 minutes
101 More Drama Games for Children
Paul Rooyackers

We’re trying this thing where we don’t stop touching at any hour of the day. Like every hour we have to at least be making physical contact, even if it’s just with our hair, or our pinkie toes, so that we can feel each others’ essence. You’d be so surprised. It actually has made us way stronger. We’re in sync, we know when to deal with things out loud and when to use physical touch to help things. We fight less. Way less. We aren’t able to sustain anger while we’re touching because it forces us to be involved with the other person, to see them, to feel them and remember they’re a love of ours. That they’re a human being with needs and sensitivities. If you’re standing so far away from someone and flailing your arms around and throwing hateful words, you can so easily detach yourself and stay mad longer. But when your ears are in direct contact with his ears, then it’s like, mind-blowingly different. It brings a sense of play to the situation so you can pull back and laugh at how ridiculous it all is, or was, or could be if you stayed the way you were staying.