“Never say never, Moby!” by Julia on her couch

Monday, April 1, 2013
5 minutes
Overheard on the subway going west

yeah i guess he was talking to me, referring to me, inviting me. i guess you could say he was reaching out or something. anyway, not important. he had his mouth facing my general ear direction, like you know? talking? and then suddenly i just sort of flashed back from out of my body and into his and i could like, read his MIND. his MIND! that’s so wild, right? but like, the worst part was, it was as if i was lucid dreaming and i could control everything, except i was in a jail cell and there was like, nothing to do anyway. does that make sense? i was trapped in my own lucid dream! and i wanted to get out, believe me, but i felt bad for the guy. it felt like there had been no one inside his mind for years. just sad, you know? he wanted me to go with him to the promised land. he said that in maybe fewer words? but the sentiment was there. he was severely connecting with me and i was obviously doing the same because i wanted to know what he wanted from me and to make sure he wasn’t just some creepazoid tricking me into getting captured or something. he never once said my name, so i guess i might be speculating here after all. but i could feel him trying to break through to me. i pulled out my earphones and i stared at him, like, okay go, i’m listening just do it now before i change my mind. like all of it was happening in split second intervals. and he just said it to me then. he said, never say never, Moby!