“the finest Led Zeppelin songs.” by Julia at her desk

Friday, March 29, 2013
5 minutes
Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs
Chuck Klosterman

She does, she likes you. She holds your photo up to the light streaming in through her bedroom window and she makes you a promise: to always be yours. She kisses the frame and spins around with it. She’s 11, you’re 14. You don’t notice her yet this way..she has two mosquito bites for breasts, two bruised knees, and her lips are always chapped. She’s just a kid, you’re not yet interested. You know you will be later, when she matures a bit, when the age gap doesn’t feel so big. She loves you. She thinks she does. She doesn’t think the age difference is a ‘thing’. She thinks about giving you the bracelet she’s making out of embroidery floss. It might have a fish tail on it. It might have a heart. It doesn’t matter, you’re the inspiration behind the whole thing anyway. She’s told her mother about you. Didn’t say your name but she described your sandy blonde hair, your big green eyes, your perfect nose. Smaller than hers so she thinks you have it all. When you’re ready for her love, you should play her all the finest Led Zeppelin songs…