“accepts what it is” by Julia at her desk

Wednesday February 27, 2013
5 minutes
Mary Oliver

Okay so I admit, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have let you walk home by yourself. I know you were pissed and that half bottle of wine was doing its thing. But I was mad too. I was so mad at you. I don’t like being blamed for everything you hate in your life. My job is to fix broken pipes in the bathroom, not be your punching bag for when the rest of the world knocks you down. Okay that sounds bad too but that’s not what I meant..baby please. Baby baby baby. Just listen. You’re tough, right? You don’t need me taking care of you. But I should have walked you home. You’re right, okay? It’s not safe at that time of night I was just giving you your space. Just letting you vent. You were walking so fast there was no way I could have caught up to you either. Come on don’t be mad. Please baby: I love you. Don’t cry anymore tonight. But you weren’t being fair. Can you admit that? I’m not perfect but you’re not perfect. That’s a good thing baby. Trust me. In the morning this will all be over. Right now it is what it is okay?