“and not mercy” by Sasha on a bench at High Park

Wednesday February 20, 2013
5 minutes
Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare

Oh Lord! A guitar plays the riff of life and death. There’s a whisper, a mama, a dream of a snake. Thunder poetry knows the bounds here. She thinks about what she’d like her labor to be like, she thinks about how she’d like a warm bath, she thinks about how the hum of a daughter might feel on her chest. Have mercy! Have mercy on her, who sits, who rocks, who makes tomato soup. Oh Lord, I’ve been sending you e-mails, go straight to junk, drink away this worry with a whisss (and a) keyyyy. I see you’ve got something that I want and I’ve got nothing that you can’t find at the eighty eight cents store. Better than a dollar! Better than! I’ve been sending you e-mails, Lord, about the trackmarks on my stomach, about the puddles round my feet. Have mercy. I have sinned, oh Lord! You’re turning up the volume. You’re celebrating. You’re dancing the one-two step, one-two steps down the ladder and just grab my hand. I will reach for you because you’re the one with the soft voice, you’re the one with a whisper and a slide down the fret to salvation.