“3,200 year old” by Julia on her couch

Friday February 15, 2013
5 minutes
National Geographic pull-out feature

There’s a girl I know, we call her Heather but I’m pretty sure her name is Marlene… I don’t know why she hates her name so much. It’s not a bad name just sort of an old one. There’s been a lot of teasing of Heather Marlene because she’s so quiet and likes to wear dirty trench coats. When I first moved here they said she smells like pee because she is too poor to wash her clothes that she peed in. I smelled Heather Marlene and it wasn’t that bad. She sort of reminded me of camping or cottage smells. I told them, maybe her mother does her laundry while she’s at the cottage, and they laughed at me too saying her and I should be best friends. I was nice to Heather Marlene right away because she looked sad. I didn’t want her to eat her white bologna sandwich by herself at recess. My mom likes to toast my focaccia bun and put prosciutto and mozzarella on it for me. I sometimes trade with heather Marlene so she can taste it. And also I have never had bologna before. I never asked her why she liked to go by Heather instead.