“Richard Rooney” by Sasha at Cafe Novo

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Cafe Novo
5 minutes
the program for This Is War at Tarragon

Shaking hands with him, I never would’ve guessed what he’d been through, you know. I mean, you sit beside people on the subway, or you wait behind them in line at the bank and you have no damn clue what’s happened to them. Richard had e-mailed me in January. Clearly he’d done his research. He read up on the company, he knew our mandate by heart, he got our concept… It’s… hard to talk about now, after the fact. Okay. So. Long-story-short, Rich came in and he looked really, you know, clean-cut. He had a firm handshake, a strong… energy. I’m not airy-fairy, but, he did have a… it almost felt like he’d been in the army or something. He knew how to look you in the eye. At the end of the interview I said, “So, when can you start?” He’d been with us for… under a week, I think… and he asked if I had time for a quick chat. Of course, I said “Yes”, I mean, he was one of my new guys. Sometimes people feel lost at the beginning, like, they need guidance. That was when he told me about… getting out of jail three months prior and… not being able to find a job. His girlfriend was pregnant… with twins! He was… between a rock and a hard place, you know?