“A radio was knocked off a table.” by Julia at Rustic Owl Cafe

Saturday,December 1, 2012 at Rustic Owl Cafe
5 minutes
Susan Minot

Somebody stop the music? I can’t hear the music anymore and I’ve been sittin’ here almost an hour or two now. Could be three, to tell ya the truth! Ha! I swears I’m goin’ deaf in my left ear anyway. Maybe the music is gone but just in the side of my body that can’t hear. Maybe the music is in the right and I just needs to listen harder. Oh, who knows anythin’ about anythin’ anymore. Are we a bunch of rats just scrapin’ around for a couple of left over cheese bis on the ground? Or do we not need more than that to get by?

Nice place ya got here. It reminds me of them old wood cabins that look like they’d be real cold but they sure are warm enough to keep you sane! I remember visitin’ my Annabell’s cottage over a decade ago and I was prepared to shake my buns off that entire weekend. She told me it was about time I got myself up there to visit. I knew she wanted me there for the kids, first, but also so she could keep a watch on me. Now I don’t go around pretendin’ to be better than I am. I knows exactly who I am and I don’t need nobody to tell me twice. But, I can’t lie about feelin’ a bit inadequate when my daughter feels the need to keep her eye on me just in case I go off the deep end.