“-apart from its insufferable arrogance-” by Julia at TAN on Baldwin

Tuesday October 23, 2012 at TAN
5 minutes
In Praise Of Nepotism
Adam Bellow

Sweet tooth. She had one.
Savory cravings. That was him.
Nylon stockings with rips. Him/her. Him. It was him. He wore them sometimes, okay? Who cares. She? No she didn’t.
Salty lattes? Her again.
Caramel corn? Her as well.
Brandy beans and balsamic vinegar. Definitely him.
They lived together. Not a house. A condo? Not a condo. A wood cabin. It was, actually. That last one was real. In the woods? Wood cabin in the woods? No. It was the city. Some comforts are travel friendly. Like the city? No, like the cabin.
Wrestling documentaries? All him.
Collection of vegan cookbooks despite eating meat every day? Her. Or the idea of her that she enjoyed.
One stray cat named Alicia. His.
One stray cat named Alicia. Hers.
So, his and hers. They shared some things.
Alicia chores? Shared.
Scarf collection for years. He had one.
Bouncing balls to cope with stress. Those were hers.
The annoying habit of chewing on pen lids. He had one.
The annoying habit of chewing on raw spaghetti noodles. That was hers.
But that was also his.
His and hers.