“A girl cries” by Julia at her kitchen table

Friday October 5, 2012
5 minutes
Toronto Metro
Weekend, October 5-8, 2012

So, hey, hi, how are you, I’m fine, I’m good, I’m really good. And you? How are you? Did you sleep well, I know it’s not a comfy sofa, because of the springs missing, but it’s all we have, so sorry it’s not the greatest, but hopefully you got a bit of rest? Did you? Were you able to drown out the noise from the street, all those cat fights and sirens? I sometimes have to use earplugs, the ones from Home Hardware, because they’re really good at blocking unwanted excess. It’s not a good idea to use them with babies around. I don’t have babies, my sister does, I mean, I watch them sometimes but not with the earplugs, because they’re babies. They can’t tell you don’t want to listen. They’re just going to wail anyway. But in case you need to hear them I mean, don’t use the earplugs. They’re too strong and sometimes babies are in danger. I don’t know this first hand but I’m pretty sure it’s a valid reason. So, hey, um, did you want to come with me to the corner store? I wanted to bake you some muffins, morning muffins, the ones that taste better than they look just cause I’m not a real wiz in the kitchen or anything. You don’t have to come, just stay here even, wait for me to get back, and there, voila! Breakfast is served!